Saturday, April 23, 2011

Final Fluid Color Composite

I fix the final color composite this morning to add in all of the necessary pieces to get some decent looking water!

I also adjusted the blur function in order to shrink the artifacting happening around the screen-space fluid boundary, so that is a lot smaller. Although the blur isn't perfect its looking a lot better so if I have time next week I will decompose the blur function to make it a little better.

Next step will be to add in curvature flow to the normals calculation instead of just a basic blur, but I will see if I have time to do this as I really need to get finished with my senior design...


  1. Outstanding work Terry. Great job with the images and videos. Have you decided how exactly to relate depth to blur radius?

  2. Right now I am relating it to be inversely proportional to linear depth which I think is working out pretty well (objects farther away have a smaller blur radius).

    However I have not found good constants for the other weight in the bilateral filter which is based on fragment depth value differences. The normals are still blurring way too much at the fluid boundary where one chunk of fluid is occluded by another chunk in front of it.