Friday, April 22, 2011

Seperate Rendering Passes

So today I completed all of the seperate rendering passes which I will need for my fluid simulation, this includes the addition of fresnel cube map reflections and a refraction approximation using the background texture, as well as a thickness map which I use to create color attenuation through the fluid volume. The video below illustrates all of the seperate passes:

My next and final steps for this project will be to come up with a final rendering equation using all of these different attributes blended together in different ways to get a realistic water surface, and to go back and fix some of the things which are not working perfectly: these are mainly the bilateral filter for blurring the depth field, which doesn't look perfect yet and has a lot of artifacts, and adjusting the normal distribution of the per-particle additive blending that I do to get thickness (even though the distributions look pretty good you can still tell they are discs so the gaussian distribution of color isn't perfect).

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